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We're looking forward to the future, and looking for ways to positively impact it. Some of those ways involve raising awareness about the resources available to entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them become better informed in their decision making. For instance, awareness around sustainability matters. Ask yourself does what I'm making and putting out in the world need to last forever? Because today's children and youth will largely inherit the future it's important to think and act in consideration of the indigenous Haudenosaunee Confederacy (Iroquois) "seventh generation" philosophy. What impact will your decisions have on the next seven generations?

We'd all be living in a very different world if seven generations ago our elders, and nation's leaders upheld that way of thinking. If you're interested in knowing which way the wind is blowing (in advance of stormy or sunny conditions), sign up for this month's newsletter with additional featured resources. No matter your industry or interests, we promise they're worth your time. Remember too, that wherever there is a trend, there is also likely an anti-trend!

Lidewij Edelkoort, founder of Edelkoort Inc. has been trend spotting for international clients since 1999. This Dutch firm specializes in identifying, and analyzing future consumer attitudes, lifestyles, and economic trends. From their famous analog Trend Book, to Trend Union consulting and seminars, and Trend Tablet website, their exhibitions and seminars set the bar high. Prepare to be inspired!

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