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Less is sometimes way more...

I was looking to simplify my makeup routine, and a video for Jones Road featuring Bobbi Brown popped up in my YouTube feed. It got my attention right away because the one product she was selling was demonstrated on a model of a certain age - like me. It's named "Miracle Balm" and provides light skin coverage, plus you can use it on eyes and lips too. I have 10 minutes in the morning and all I need is a bit of polish, nothing dramatic or heavy, but the trend now is for layers of overdone makeup with lots of contouring and color. To each their own. I was intrigued and instead of clicking "skip", I continued to the website, and that cinched the deal for me. Instead of hundreds of options there were eight and a handy quiz to help me identify the right one for me. Four days later a package arrived and from the simple cardboard outer box to the brown packing paper it delivered on the brand promise. They didn't waste materials or ink. The simple postcard says, "You got your order, Now what? and it directs you to Instagram for tips and online for returns or exchanges. The card gives an email address if you need extra help...they don't call it customer service. COOL. CLEAN. MAKEUP. Hope you love. xx Bobbi! I tried it and I love everything about it. This is how you deliver a virtual customer experience - simply beautiful.

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